Visual SVN Install problem

coolwolf / 15/10/2012

I was using übersvn over years. It is very easy to use. But i can not manage the ram usage of tomcat with übersvn. After that i decided to change my svn server. We are just 2 developers. It is easy for us to change something. Also this is why 1.5GB of memory usage is not normal for me. My server has just 4GB i dont want to share its 1.5GB with svn server. SVN server is used just a few times in a day.
So i firstly tried to install VisualSVN several times. But i always receive this error :
The VisualSVN Server service terminated with service-specific error Incorrect function
I tried to play with httpd.conf file. And other things. But not, it is not starting.

Now, i will try to install ColabNet’s Subversion Edge…

My Server is :
Windows Web Server 2008 R2 64bit,
I have 4GB of Ram,
at least 300GB of free space…



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